President Macron’s answer on Trump’s Climate betrayel

It is a very sad day for the US and a betrayel on the generations to come in all countries. We are blogging here for quite some time……but nothing made us so frustrated and angry!

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4 responses to “President Macron’s answer on Trump’s Climate betrayel”

  1. Andrew A says:

    Trump has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is clearly unfit and unqualified to hold any public office.

    • Rey says:

      They don’t seem to have a problem with China Russia or India who are the worst polluters on the planet they been given a free pass till 2030 what’s really going on is about money that your gonna lose be very careful cause your offending the Americans people and our president whom we love when the storm settles we won’t forget who our true friends Americans are Watching

      • Tom says:

        You might speak for the minority of Americans who still support that buffoon, but you don’t speak for me. You want to kick ass and take names? Start with me. The man is an ignoramus who has no business holding public office at any level.

        As for the Paris accords, China and India get a free pass for awhile in order to give them a chance to increase the per capita GDP to a more competitive, which makes sense to anyone with a trace of egalitarianism, which I doubt you and your I’ll possess.

  2. Kate Shese says:

    Really, Trump is better than the last person in the White House. People should show RESPECT not Ignorance.

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