Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee: „Just Tell Him You’re The President”

We thought we share something old but still cool. Can you imagine Trump doing this?




7 responses to “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee: „Just Tell Him You’re The President””

  1. Kate Shese sagt:

    At Least President Trump is not a TRAITOR to the American People.Like that one who just Left the White House. People are showing their Ignorance. Raised with No Morals.

    • Debbie Smith sagt:

      Seriously, Kate Shese! Your president orangeness is the one in bed with the Russians, so who’s the traitor here? Please quit watching Fox „Fake Ass“ News. President Obama is an intelligent, compassionate, eloquent man instead of the whiny little Twittering fool you support!!

      • Peter sagt:

        I agree with Debbie.
        Even though an exchange of thoughts with respect is needed too after all that hate and riot.

        I signed up here and will share.

  2. Kate Shese sagt:

    Debbie & Peter . Your Opinion

    • Clark sagt:

      Kate – YOUR opinion…and a very narrow-minded and race-baiting one at that! Get a life!

      • Kate Shese sagt:

        Clark, No Hate in my comments, my Opinion.If you don’t like it keep your opinion to your self.Race has nothing to do with my comments.You need to get a Life .

  3. Kate Shese sagt:

    Opinion not RACIST at All, Clark

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